Investment Products For The Top Performing Asset Class of the Decade

Why BLOCK 30 Financial?

Each year, over $9 Trillion of Assets Under Management (AUM) are placed into Mutual Funds and ETFs on the traditional stock markets, which allow you to own a basket of stocks tied to a market index, thematic groupings or active strategies.

What Are BLOCK ETX Funds?

Our digital investment products were designed for a multi-asset future, that includes: digital assets, traditional equities, physical assets and more.

How the Products Work

Our BLOCK ETX products use a blockchain-based smart contract to provide you with custodial control of your basket of underlying holdings. This is similar to the concept of ETFs on traditional stock markets, but utilizing new technologies that are faster, less expensive and more agile across asset classes.

Sample Investment Themes

Thematic Sector
Store of Value
Global Enterprise
Decentralized Finance
Value Proposition
Digital alternatives to fiat
currencies and precious
Alternative digital
payment methods vs
cash and credit cards
Private storage and
exchange of value
Tested for universal ID, voting, etc. by government and other public sectors
Tested by Fortune 500 in automotive, retail, supply chain, etc. on global platforms
Platforms used by individuals to Fortune 500 partners
Paving the way for blockchain based finance
Simple Assets
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte
Bitcoin, Litecoin, Digibyte
Monero, Grin, ZCash, Mimble Wimble
Tezos, Zilliqa, VeChain, Cardano
Ethereum, Cardano, Chainlink
Elrond, Tezos, VeChain
Maker, Compound, Aave, Bancor, Ren
BLOCK Payments
BLOCK Privacy 
BLOCK Government
BLOCK Global Enterprise
BLOCK Platform
The BLOCK Index Funds track the major investment components of the digital asset markets.
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BLOCK Index Funds use our multi-factor indexing strategies to deliver market returns.
Block 3®
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Block 5®
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Block 10®
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Block 15®
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Block 20®
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Block 30®
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The BLOCK Thematic Funds provide simple exposure to
the main sectors of blockchain development.
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BLOCK Index Funds use our multi-factor indexing strategies to deliver market returns.
Block Payments®
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Block Government®
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Block Platform®
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Block Global Entreprise®
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Block Privacy®
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Block DEFI®
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The BLOCK Active Funds provide actively managed trading
stategies for the fast paced digital asset markets.
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BLOCK Active Funds use algorithmic trading strategies to deliver returns in up and down markets.
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Block MACD & VI®
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Block Global MOMENTUM®
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Block RSI 60 / 40®
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  • Case Study: iShares by Blackrock has over $2 Trillion AUM and 900 ETF’s globally on the traditional stock markets such as the NYSE and Nasdaq.

  • These Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) work as an investment services layer for retail and institutional investors to hold a basket of funds.

  • These products help clients gain passive, or active, grouped exposure to indexed and thematic sectors.