A blockchain is an immutable chain of smaller units called BLOCKS, that are linked together using cryptography. Each of the BLOCKS contains a record of the previous blocks, a timestamp, and transaction data. 

By design, BLOCKS are resistant to modification of the data across institutions and individuals. Therefore, blockchain may be ideally suited for use in global trading exchanges, financial services and payment systems.”
Trade. Track. Pay.

BLOCKS - A Decentralized Network for Blockchain Financial Products

BLOCK 30 Financial has developed one of the first comprehensive blockchain platforms for use by global retail investors. It’s native token, BLOCKS, works interoperably across our internal system and other trading, financial services and global payment providers. BLOCKS serves to improve the migration onto blockchain – while reducing the costs, friction and processing times of parent chains. It is already at work on our own BLOCK ETX products and will be ready for SDK or guided integration by strategic partners.

BLOCKS - The Features of Decentralized Financial Product Networks