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Speed, Scalability and Security as a Future Layer 2 Network

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Decentralized Applications
Layer 2
Ethereum Blockchain
Layer 1 serves as the security layer that anchors data transaction in a way that’s immutable, cryptographically secured without a central authority. making it a decentralized base layer of the internet. Layer 2 allows you to massively cut down data processing on the blockchain by running computations off-chain.

The main benefit of second layer is that it minimizes the amount of data storage on the base layer. Taking transactions off the base layer, while still anchored to it, would free up processing resources to do other things while still getting the security and decentralization benefits.

A Decentralized Network for Blockchain Financial Products

BLOCK 30 Financial has developed one of the first comprehensive blockchain platforms for use by global retail investors. It’s native token, BLOCKS, works interoperably across our internal system and other trading, financial services and global payment providers. BLOCKS serves to improve the migration onto blockchain – while reducing the costs, friction and processing times of parent chains. It is already at work on our own BLOCK ETX products and will be ready for SDK or guided integration by strategic partners.
Powering BLOCK Exchange Traded Index (ETX) Products
Smart contracts allow for the synthetic ownership of underlying assets and hold decentralized finance implications for the tokenization of digital assets, traditional equities, physical assets and more

The Efficient Creation and Redemption of Financial Products

Minting Smart Contracts For Trustless 3 Party Custodianship

BLOCK Exchange Traded Index (ETX) Products
Despite heightening levels of interest from managed clients, a current challenge for legacy financial services providers is the lack of willingness and ability to purchase and custodiate funds for customers. As the regulatory environment improves around banking and regulatory, BLOCK 30 Financial proposes a suite of products called Exchange Traded Index (ETX) Funds that would assist with this.

Simplifying the Onboarding Process for Decentralized Exchange Investors

Improving Trading Liquidity + Reducing Network Latency

Tokenization of Multiple Asset Classes

Ex: Traditional Fund LP Applications

Simplifying Settlement Transactions on The Blockchain

BLOCKS ensures that costumers do not need to trade into and out of other blockchain tokens, losing on fees and time (or leaving the blockchain) when they need to exchange value with peers, merchants and corporations. BLOCK 30 Pay is a mobile wallet and merchant POS integrator that will showcase BLOCKS and other flat currencies, digital currencies, stable coins and digital tokens, as necessary, to serve the customer.